May 26, 2021

Can Termites Be Heard: What Sounds Do They Make In Walls?

If you feel like you’re hearing low-level sounds in your walls, especially at night, you are not the only one! Many homeowners ask this question of […]
April 21, 2021

Can Termites In Your House Make You Sick?

Many people who encounter termites around their house or yard wonder if these destructive creatures are also a health hazard to humans and whether they can […]
March 31, 2021

Do You Need to Tent Your House for Subterranean Termites?

Before answering the question of whether you need to tent your house to kill subterranean termites, you should first determine exactly which type of termite species […]
February 16, 2021

Can Ants Kill and Eat Termites?

Ants often wipe out termite colonies, which is why many people opt to use them as a pest control method rather than using harmful pesticides or […]
February 2, 2021

Do Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Termites are a major concern for homeowners all over the United States, due to their ability to cause expensive, unforeseen damages to homes. The majority of […]
December 13, 2020

Do Termites Spread From House To House?

Termites are notorious for their ability to spread without being noticed. But canthey actually spread from one house to another? You’ll naturally get concerned when you […]
November 25, 2020

What To Do When You Find Termite Mud Tubes In House?

Termites build their mud tubes mainly for the same reason that people build subway tunnels – for transportation. But mud tubes also offer shelter and protection […]
October 16, 2020

Why Do I Keep Finding Winged Termites In Bathroom?

If you keep finding winged termites in your bathroom, it can often indicate an underlying termite issue in your house. We will explain the reasons termites […]
September 29, 2020

How Do You Prepare Your House for Termite

Fumigation If you find yourself in the situation of needing fast termite elimination, tent fumigation that is performed by trained, licensed, and experienced exterminators, is your […]