Other Treatment Options

Chemfree Exterminating offers localized treatments in all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Localized treatments consist of termites in localized/spot areas that do not exist into inaccessible areas. Localized treatments can be very effective depending on the location of the infestation. Please feel free to contact Chemfree Exterminating to have one of our many professional experienced licensed inspectors to let you know what would be best for your home.

Termidor Treatments - Subterranean Termites

Alternative Measures - Orange Oil and Tim-Bor

Custom Wood Repairs

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Tim-Bor Treatments

Chemfree Exterminating offers Tim-Bor treatments in all of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Tim-Bor is a mineral and salt solution that is applied to raw wood and injected into painted or stained surfaces. Chemfree Exterminating professional licensed inspectors will let you know what is best for your home.

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