Why ChemFree

The ChemFree Difference

We have 35 years of experience

We are a family-owned small business that has been serving communities throughout Los Angeles and Orange County since 1989.

  1. Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalized, friendly service.
  2. All of our termite inspectors are fully licensed and will provide you with an honest and accurate estimate for a specialized treatment plan that will meet your home's needs.

    Licenses include:

    • Branch 1 license - for structural fumigations.
    • Branch 3 license – for termite inspections of any termite.
  3. We have served Orange County and Los Angeles for over 35 years. We are well-known and respected within the community and do our best to give back whenever we can. ChemFree is in great standing with the Structural Pest Control Board and is Pest Control Operators of California Bonded and Insured.

We perform all of our own fumigations - which means no subcontractors

We have a few reasons behind this decision:

  1. We want to ensure our customers are getting the best service possible. Our staff is well-trained, fully licensed and uses the most up-to-date equipment and tools available.
  2. We can give competitive prices by removing the middleman.
  3. We understand our customers want to know who they are dealing with. With Chemfree Exterminating, you are dealing with Chemfree employees the entire time. When you pick up the phone and call. When the inspection takes place. And when our fully licensed technicians perform the work. We care about our customers and our community and will dedicate the time and energy needed to make sure you are satisfied with the results.

We offer natural alternative measures that meet YOUR needs

Many times, tent fumigation is not an option. Our natural alternative measures are a great way to treat for termites. This option allows occupants to stay at the property the entire time. That means no hotel stays, or pet kennels. Contact us now for a free inspection!

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