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Tent Fumigation

Structural Tent Fumigation

Termite Tent Fumigation has been around in the pest control industry for a long time. The reason for this is because it is still the most thorough way to eradicate Drywood Termites. When you decide to tent fumigate your home for termites, or even for bed bugs, using our specialized services, you can rest assured that EVERY area in the property that is covered underneath the tent will be treated.

  • Chem Free Exterminating performs our own fumigations and we always use Vikane* gas manufactured by DOW Agrosciences.
  • In the past, fumigating your home meant a lot of cleaning and prep-work beforehand. The use of Vikane* gas for termite fumigation has changed that.
  • Vikane* gas doesn’t leave any residual once the fumigation is complete. This means you don’t have to clean any dishes or countertops once you are back in the home.

For more information about the products used, please visit the official website for Vikane* at:

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