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Do Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Termites are a major concern for homeowners all over the United States, due to their ability to cause expensive, unforeseen damages to homes. The majority of homeowners who have had termite infestations in the past didn’t even know that these creatures were present in their home until the damage became evident.

That’s why it is important to have your home inspected for termites on a regular basis so that if there is the slightest evidence of an infestation, the termite pest control professionals can start a treatment process right away. And there are different types of treatment that can be used to protect you against a termite attack for a given period.

Will You Ever See Termites Again After Treatment?

As a homeowner, you most probably expect termite treatment to offer permanent protection against another infestation but that is, unfortunately, not the case. Even after fumigation, termites can still find a way into your home again, if a barrier is not created to discourage re-entry.

In addition, termite protection is an ongoing process because continued maintenance and treatments might be required to keep these pests out of your property. That is why you have to maintain the relationship between you and the pest control company of your choice, to ensure all-year-round protection for the best effect. If you live in Orange County, CA, contact Chem Free Exterminating to inquire how we can help protect your home.

How Long Does It Take to Get Rid of Termites After Treatment?

Whether you’re doing Orange Oil treatment or tent fumigation to get rid of termites in your home, the amount of time that it will take for the treatments to work will vary depending on different factors.

The number one factor that determines how soon you can fully get rid of the termites is the level of infestation. If you’re treating a larger area of your home, it can also take longer to get rid of the termites entirely. That’s in consideration that there normally are multiple colonies and queens in larger infestation areas as well as in extreme degrees of infestations.

Generally, it should take only a few days at maximum for the entire colony to come into contact with the treatment being used. To achieve this effect, however, the right amount of treatment has to be used to ensure that there won’t be any survivors, the queen included.

That’s in consideration that there are always cases where colonies appear to have died off, only to come back a few weeks or months later. This happens mainly when a homeowner chooses to go with self-applied treatments in contrast to hiring a pest control expert. They use the wrong amount of chemical treatment, allowing some members of the colony to survive the treatment.

How Long Do Termites Live After Treatment?

On average, termites will start dying off within a day or two, if you are using chemical treatment. In the event of serious infestations, you may have to wait longer for the treatment to kill the entire colony, since it has to reach the queen.

Can Termites Come Back After Treatment?

Depending on the situation and how the treatment was applied, termites can come back after treatments. Sadly, no kind of treatment offers a permanent solution for eliminating termites in your house. Termites are quite resilient and will always find a way back into your home given a chance. However, usually, it should take at least five years before termites can finally find their way back into your home.

Also, if your home has already been damaged by these insects, it will be even more vulnerable to another termite infestation. Don’t let this happen to you and protect your home from a repeat infestation! It’s highly recommended that you opt for annual termite inspections to prevent the likelihood of termites re- establishing themselves in your home. Most pest control companies offer re-treatment services to get rid of the termites if you have an annual package plan with the company.

But as long as the treatments were done correctly, there is a very low probability of the termites coming back in the near future.

How Often Do Termites Return After Treatment?

Termites are one of the hardest pests to control, owing to the fact that they live in soil or wood. In addition, they reproduce very fast, which means that some of them are missed during the treatment, they will re-populate in no time.

The chances of drywood termites returning after tent fumigation are very small. The whole structure treatment is extremely effective if administered correctly. It might happen, however, that drywood termites come back if there’s a nest outside the house. Since it takes only a few days or weeks for a new queen to lay her first batch of eggs after mating, you can expect termites to return only after a few weeks. Yet, it can be hard to detect a re-infestation before the colony has reached its maximum size.

That’s why it’s recommended to hire professionals for termite fumigation while also signing up for a plan that will include inspections to detect a re-infestation at the earliest stage. If the right products and procedures are used during treatment, however, you are guaranteed to stay free of a re-infestation for up to five years.

Final Words,

Even though termites are considerably challenging to control, it is possible to keep them away from your home. To make this possible, however, it’s recommended that you avoid any DIY control methods, and instead hire a termite pest control company for the best results. In addition to offering treatment solutions, experts will also try to establish the reason for the
infestation, hence addressing the root of the problem. Since 1989, our skilled team serves the residents of Orange County, California. If you would like to learn more about our termite treatments, don’t hesitate to call us today at (714) 533-7800.