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September 1, 2019
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What’s the deal with termite inspections?
March 1, 2020

We stand behind our work!

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Chem Free Exterminating Termite Warranty

At Chem Free Exterminating, we are proud of the services we offer and we stand behind our work 100%.

Termite infestation can be devastating for homeowners as these pests, which are truly disturbing, cause damages in the structure of your house leading to a financial loss. Therefore, when you notice any signs of termite infestation you should immediately call a professional company that provides specialized termite treatment services. The experts will take proper control of the situation in order to avoid further damage to your home.

And whether it’s an alternative termite treatment, a whole-home tent fumigation or any other wood repairs work that you require, Chem Free Exterminating offers warranties on all of our work.

We know that when choosing a termite company, there are several factors that go into deciding who you will trust with your home – you want an honest assessment of what your home needs and the promise of a quality service that protects your home from these pests. That is exactly what we provide by offering effective termite treatments and warranties. Chem Free Exterminating has the best termite warranty program in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. Our warranty covers the property inspection and treatment for termites. Saying that, your entire home is covered by the warranty, even if only one spot was treated to begin with! The termite warranty is necessary for a homeowner as it offers long-term reassurance against the future threat of those insects. That way you can rest easy knowing that your home – and your wallet – are protected long after your initial inspection is over.

Call our office today at (714) 533-7800 to schedule your free pest inspection and to get more information about our services and termite warranty program – you’ll be glad you did!