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June 18, 2020
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July 28, 2020

Does Tenting Kill Termites in Furniture?

Termites can get inside your wood furniture and destroy it without leaving many signs. But if you know what to look for, you’ll be able to prevent this
from happening and get rid of these pests in no time.

Some types of wood, particularly aged wood which is most commonly used in antique furniture, are especially prone to wood destroying organisms like termites.
It’s important to point out that signs of infestation and damage in furniture can differ, based on termite species. But both subterranean and drywood termites can cause damage to wood furniture.

When you discover a termite infestation in a piece of furniture, this is a problem that you must deal with quickly and effectively in order to avoid further damage. Even though termites in furniture can be a real problem for a homeowner, there are solutions for protection and treatments that you can avail of.

It is almost impossible to successfully treat the furniture for termites with typical DIY methods and home-made remedies. They have been proven to be an ineffective approach for long-term elimination of these pests.

It is also difficult to treat furniture alone. This is due to the tendency for the termites to avoid the poison. And unless you completely take the furniture
apart, it can be very difficult to reach every termite in the colony.

However, termite tent fumigation is the most effective method to eliminate these pests from your furniture for good. Fumigation must be done by an
experienced and trained specialist only. Tenting, performed by a professional pest control company such as Chem Free Exterminating, is the best option to kill termites that are present in the furniture.

During termite tenting, the fumigant that is dispersed will penetrate all wood structures and other hard to reach places, including all pieces of wood furniture. It will reach all cracks and crevices inside the wood and between wood layers where termites thrive and are likely to tunnel. Therefore, immediately after breathing in the fumigant, all termites are exterminated.

Termite tenting is so effective because it is performed on a wide scale, in which case the insects have nowhere to escape the gas to. When tenting is
being done, there’s a little chance for termites to burrow deep inside the wood of the furniture. The tent fumigation usually takes 2 or 3 days, which is a period long enough for the gas to seep deeply into the furniture structures and kill the termite colony.

Additionally, furniture fumigation for termites is clearly the best control method due to the fact that it can kill not only all termites but also their eggs that are present inside the furniture! The gas penetrates deep into termite nesting areas, regardless of where they can be hidden.

Another advantage of tenting for termites in furniture is that the fumigation does not cause any damage to the furniture. The wood destroying organisms are being eradicated in a way that is safe for your furniture and other belongings in your home.

In summary, tenting gets rid of termites in furniture for sure. However, it is strongly recommended to get professional help instead of tackling the termite problem on your own. Contact our team at Chem Free Exterminating for more information about the termite control services we offer. Don’t delay, start protecting your furniture and property from termite infestations today.